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Land Pride DRB08

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Special tine construction Tines don’t spread apart at the center. Heavy residue surfaces quickly without bunching or becoming clogged. Tines follow the contour of the ground providing maximum coverage.
1/2" x 3 1/2" Long cold-formed high carbon steel tines Tines are constructed of strong materials to eliminate breakage and provide long wear life.
60 Tines per 4 ft. of width High number of tines for breaking-up clods and leveling soil profile.
Tines are offset Provides uniform coverage without making ridges.
Drag Mat Position Tines Point Up: Gentle action for covering fertilizer & seed, smoothing & leveling soil surfaces and scattering manure droppings. Excellent for grassy applications.
Light Penetration Position Tines point down & back: Stronger action for working fertilizer & seed into soil and turf, breaking up and leveling heavy soil, fluff & leveling arenas, aerating soil for faster.
Deep Penetration Position Tines point down & forward: Aggressive action for loosening and breaking-up soil.
Low HP requirements Easy to pull with Utility vehicles, lawn tractors, small tractors and pickups.
No lubrication or adjustments Saves time and you don’t get dirty from grease or oil.


Model DRG08
Weight 185 lbs.
Horsepower Requirements 16 hp
Blanket size 8’ wide x 4’ long
Number of tines 120
Tine diameter and length 1/2" dia. x 4 1/2" lg.
Tine construction Cold-formed from high-carbon steel
Hitch Type Two log chains attached from pull ring to drawbar.
Drawbar 1 5/8" dia. x 4" w/ S-hook mounting holes on 9" centers