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Land Pride HR2572

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3/8" Heavy side panels Built heavy to handle the tough jobs.
Mechanical vertical lift shank tube
or hydraulic pivot shank tube
Retractable mode can be purchased with manual or hydraulic option.
Clevis type lower 3-point hitch Allows for easier hook-up of the tractor’s lower draft arms.
4 Positions heat treated
spring steel shanks
Offers flexibility for deep to shallow settings and Heat-treated for longevity
Working widths MR1572 = 72"
HR2572 = 72"
HP range MR1572: 20-40 hp 4 wheel drive; 30-50 Hp 2 wheel drive
HR2572: 30-60 hp 4 wheel and 2 wheel drive
Roll-formed moldboard Roll-formed moldboard keeps materials flowing which puts less drag on the Box Scraper, resulting in lower HP requirements and faster working conditions.
19" High MR1572 moldboard
21" High HR2572 moldboard
High material capacity
Heat treated dimpled on tips Easy to replace tips that are heat treated for toughness.
Heat-treated, reversible and
replaceable cutting edges
Heat-treated for hardness. Reversible so both edges can be used before replacing the
cutting blades.
Rear backfill blade Rear backfill blade allows for backfilling trenches or foundations.
Warranty One year parts & labor.
Category I 3-point hitch
with Quick Hitch capability
Fits a wide variety of tractors.
Quick hitch capability allows for easy hook-up.

Positive Locking System Shanks are kept in the up or down position with a positive locking system. This keeps
the scarifier bar from bouncing in transport, and tight during field use.
Heavy duty Shank bumpers
3/4" x 7/8" U-shaped steel bumpers are built tough to support the shank load.
1/2" Square steel bumpers behind each shank provides additional reinforcement.


Model HR2572
Working Width 72"
Capacity 24.4 cu. Ft.
Weight (Pounds) 851
Number of Shanks 7
Shank Material 3/4" x 2 1/2" heat treated spring steel
Shank Penetration 2- Position: 3/4" & 3 1/4" below end plates
Shank Tip Construction Replaceable heat treated dimpled-on tips
Shank Beam 4" x 4" x 1/2" Square tubing reinforced with shank support lugs at each shank
Left Mechanism Hydraulic cylinder pivots shank tube to lift shanks up
Moldboard Roll-Formed Moldboard - 20 1/2" high
Side Panels 3/8" thick x 21" high x 34" deep
Depth of Bucket 30"
Cutting Blades 2 ea. 1/2" x 6" high carbon, heat treated cutting edges; reversible and replaceable
Maximum H.P. Rating 60 HP for 4 wheel and 2 wheel tractors
3-Point Hitch Type Category I (Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch)