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Stihl OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Micro™ Harvester (RMHS)

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  • Cutter Links 

Semi-chisel with slim, straight sided cutter.

  • Cutter Heels 

Patented, asymmetrically shaped cutter heels enlarge the running face. This considerably reduces the pressure on the cutter and extends the service life.

  • Tie Straps 

Asymmetrically shaped running faces increase the wear surface. This considerably reduces the pressure on the tie straps and extends the service life of the chain.

  • Drive Links 

The drive links are reinforced around the rivet holes (A). The part of the drive link (B) which runs in the guide bar groove is recessed thickness of the drive link equals 0.080”.


The patented OILOMATIC® system found on STIHL saw chains is an exclusive selling feature. This is a specially engineered groove designed to channel oil to the critical wear areas. This superior lubrication feature gives the customer extended chain life with lowered tendency for stretching. 

A further development of the OILOMATIC® system is the oil reservoir next to the OILOMATIC® channel. These reservoirs fill up with oil when the drive links pass the guide bar’s inlet hole and are emptied by the centrifugal force acting at the bar nose. This provides more oil for distribution to the chain, groove and rails and protects against premature wear. Simply put, it brings the oil to where it is needed. Available on all STIHL saw chains.


SAW CHAIN GAUGE 0.080" 1/4" Pitch - Part #3856
.404" Pitch - Part #3620
PITCH .404"
GAUGE .080"
CHAIN TYPE Special Harvester