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Land Pride RCB6610

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Features Benefits
Surpassed rugged
industry standards
All Land Pride Cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary testing
procedures according to ISO 4254-13.
Factory assembled Saves customer set-up time and money.
7 Year gearbox warranty* Shows confidence in gearbox integrity. (Years 6 & 7, parts only.)
Rugged heavy built gearboxes Gearboxes are capable of handling heavy cutting applications.
Gearbox Seal Protection Gearbox bottom seal protection for longer bearing life.
2 3/8" Output gearbox shaft Large output shaft handles shock loads better.
2 Piece shield on wing gearboxes Driveline grease zerks are easier to access.
Self-leveling hitches Reduces drawbar wear by keeping hitch level while going through ditches.
Narrow A-frame hitch Allows for a tighter turning radius.
Adjustable park jack angle Park jack can be adjusted to be perpendicular to the ground.
Adjustable driveline hanger Serves as a support rest for the driveline when the cutter is unhooked from the tractor. Assist operator when attaching driveline to tractor PTO shaft.
Input driveline:
Cat. 6 CV or Cat. 5 Conventional
Holds up to shock loads and harsh mowing conditions. Constant velocity (CV) U-joint allows
for 80 degree turns without doing damage to the driveline.
Grease zerks on end caps of  driveline cross journals Intermediate and wing driveline cross journals are easier to grease. All drivelines have access holes for greasing the U-joints and inner profiles.
4 Plate slip-clutch Protects drivelines and gearboxes by slipping clutches rather than twisting the driveline when impacts are encountered.
High blade tip speed Allows clean cutting of material and even distribution. See Specifications for actual FPM.
6" Blade overlap Eliminates skipping during turns.
High cutting capacity Can cut brushy areas with saplings up to 4 1/2".
Pre-cut chamber Allows grass and vegetation to stand back up prior to cutting for a more complete cut.
Reinforced leading edge Front of deck can withstand heavy brush and saplings.
12" Deck height Handles heavy cutting, which reduces balling-up of cut material under the deck.
10 gauge smooth deck top Reduces accumulation of debris and is easier and faster to clean.
7 Gauge smooth deck bottom Heavy deck design holds up to harsh conditions. No bottom obstructions.
Replaceable 1/4" side skirt Reduces debris piercing possibilities. Can be replaced if damaged.
3/16" Stump jumper backed with
a 1" thick mounting plate
Heavy round stump jumper for protecting the gearbox seal and gearbox output shaft.
Can hold up to tough conditions.
Spindle Nut Protected Spindle nut and threads extending beyond the nut are guarded to protect against damage
from hitting solid objects.
Beveled skid shoes on wings Reduces gouging the ground when turning.
Hinged wing section Allows cutter to follow terrain. Ideal for rough ground where hillsides, ditches, and hollows can cause uneven cutting.
Greasable wing folding hinge Provides for a long hinge life and allows the wing to fold up and down with less stress.
1" Solid hinge rods Larger diameter hinge rod gives greater strength to the cutter and in the hinge area itself.
Wing transport lock pin Holds transport wing in the folded-up position in case of hydraulic pressure loss.
Collapsible 1" Leveling rods Prevents damage and failure to leveling rods. Large diameter leveling rods provide superior supporting strength over rough terrain.
Enclosed dual leveling rods Dual leveling rods enable the cutter to pull equally on the rear axle during travel over rough terrain. Many competitors only use one leveling rod.
5-Bolt hubs 5-Bolt hubs makes the wheel assembly more durable and longer lasting.
Drain holes in wheel rims Allows water to drain from wheels mounted on folded-up wing.
Helps prevent paint deterioration and rusting to the wheel rims.
Spring-cushioned trailing arms Provides independent suspension, cushions loads on drawbar.
Replaceable wheel spindles Wheel spindles can be replaced when damaged without replacing the entire axle. Simply
remove one bolt to replace damaged spindle.
Slow moving vehicle sign (SMV) Great for transporting on roadways and mowing along side roads.
Rear axle pull rings Aids in getting unit out of soft ground conditions.
Rephasing wing cylinder Allows the cutter to be leveled using wing cylinder verse mechanical turnbuckles.
Dual-acting wing cylinder Allows wing to be folded inward beyond 90o for a narrow 7'-5 1/4" transport width.
Wheel options Laminated tires: Eliminates flats.
Airplane tires without foam filling: Give better cushion while transporting.
Airplane tires with foam filling: Give better cushion while transporting & can’t go flat.
LP Performance hitch option Great for uneven terrain, reduces drawbar wear. Hitch pivots freely up and down and pivots about the tractor drawbar.
Bar-tite hitch option Ideal for extreme conditions. Clamps tight to drawbar eliminating drawbar wear
Roadway light kit option Allows operator to transport on public roads safer when head lights are turned on and/or when flasher lights are turned on.
Walking tandem axle option Allows for a smoother pull in undulating terrain.
Deck rings (optional) 1/2" x 3" full welded deck ring keeps blades from damaging the decks.
Mechanical Winch (optional) Aids in folding the cutter in the event of hydraulic failure.
Reverse Gearbox Rotation on
Center & Wing Deck (optional)
Throws debris away from the road when cutting along side a road.


Specifications & Capacities RCB6610 & RCBM6610
Horsepower range 50 to 250
Gearbox horsepower 250 hp splitter
210 hp center & wing
Gearbox oil capacity 5.5 Pints: divider gearbox
10 Pints: center deck & RH deck spindle gearboxes
Gearbox lubrication Gear lube 80-90W EP
Cutting capacity 4 1/2"
Machine weight
Tongue weight
Total weight
Equipped with double row chain guards w/cable, 6 ACFF tires, tandem axle, deck rings,
swivel clevis hitch & winch
1,842 lbs.
6,060 lbs.
Blade tip speed
At 540 rpm
At 1000 rpm

Center blades = 16,300 FPM Wing blades = 16,300 FPM
Center blades = 16,300 FPM Wing blades = 16,000 FPM
Tongue types Optional Self-Leveling Clevis Hitch, LP Performance Hitch,
Bar-Tite Hitch, Pintle Hitch, or Ball Hitch
Hitch jack Standard (7,000 lbs.)
Signal lights 7 Pin connector LED (light-emitting diode)
SAE J560 pin configuration
Wing offset Right wing model with weight box on left side
Cutting width Overall width Minimum transport width 10' - 6"
11' - 6 3/4"
7' - 5 1/4" (With tandem wheels & cutting height at 2")
Overall length 16' - 8 1/2" (With tandem wheels & lift cylinder fully extended)
17' - 0 1/2" (With tandem wheels & cutting height at 2")
Deck height 12"
Cutting height 2" to 14"
Lift hydraulics Center deck Right wing 3 1/2" x 8" Re-phasing hydraulic cylinder with hoses, fittings & stroke control spacers
3 1/4" x 8" Re-phasing hydraulic cylinder with hoses & fittings
Wing hydraulics 3 1/2" x 8" Dual-acting hydraulic cylinder complete with hoses & fittings
Wing transport protection Transport Locks with hitch pins
Deck material 10 gauge top deck and 7 gauge bottom deck
Side skirt material Bolt-on replaceable 1/4" side
Skid shoes
Wing deck
Center deck
Weight box

Replaceable: 1 Standard straight skid shoe and 1 AR400 leading skid shoe
Replaceable: 2 Skid shoes
Reversible & replaceable: 1 Skid shoe
Four blades (2 per carrier) 1/2" x 4" Heat treated free swinging alloy steel with up lift
Blade overlap 6"
Blade bolt Keyed with hardened flat washer & locknut
Stump jumper / blade holder 3/16" Thick round dish shaped pan, reinforced with 1" thick blade mounting plate
Deck ring Optional 1/2" x 3" fully welded
Front & rear guards Optional rubber, single chain, double chain, or double chain with cable
Input driveline 540 & 1000 rpm ASAE Cat. 6 with constant velocity u-joint or Cat. 5 with conventional (non-cv) u-joint
Intermediate & wing drivelines Cat. 5 with slip-clutch
Wheel options
Standard axle & tandem axle
6" x 21" Laminated tires, 25.5" new foam filled tires,
29" x 16 ply used aircraft tires with or without foam filling.
Number of wheels
Standard axle
5- Wheel option: 4 on transport axle and one on wing axle
6- Wheel option: 4 on transport axle and two on wing axle
Tandem axle 5- Wheel option: 4 on transport axle and one non tandem on wing axle
6 - Wheel option: 4 on transport axle and two on wing axle
Standard transport axle Spring-cushioned on trailing arms
Hubs Cast iron five-bolt hubs with tapered roller bearings and 1 3/4" shafts